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Note:  This appeal is specifically aimed at those already laboring in the conflict resolution arena.  At the same time, it does not intend to exclude anyone who recognizes the importance of this effort and feels that they have something meaningful to contribute to its development.



hether you can appreciate the theoretical component that follows, the Eden project still provides a workable way to promote "unity in diversity" across all ethnic-cultural boundaries.  This in turn qualifies it as being singularly unique.

Most professionals agree that without a tangible route to 'unity,' we have NO means by which to resolve existing conflicts that currently threaten human survival.  At best, we can only forestall their eventuality, by actively coercing combatants to temporarily cease hostilities.  Over the long haul, this intimidation inevitably fosters hostility that further destabilizes already fragile global situations.  If we are ever going to make meaningful headway in our quest for world peace, it is imperative that we first understand the dynamics of "foundational theory" which sculpts the way we think.  Once they are understood, we must then determine a way to apply these dynamics to the critical issues at hand.  

Although the current practice of linearly approximating cause and solution once worked, the advance of technology has now obsoleted it.  Even as you read this, sufficient time for both qualification and its implementation no longer exists in many critical equations upon which the world depends for its continuance.  

For example: the flight time of nuclear armed missiles between potential protagonists is down to less than 4 minutes in several parts of the world.  This reduced time interval clearly excludes human beings from active decision making, because there isn't sufficient time in which to do so.  This has resulted in the creation of "retaliatory schemes" that rely upon "threshold equations" that are executed solely by machines.  Since computers have no stake in the continuance of human life, our dependency upon them in this regard, can only be seen as a death knell for mankind. 

So what is the answer?  Since our thought process allows the resolution of conflict to be seen in conflicting ways, all of which are similarly valid relative to the foundational premise from which they spring, a resolution to the world's current quandary cannot come from an analysis of the information that we've assembled to date.  It also cannot come from the pursuit of new information that is gathered under the same pretext as the old.  If it could, peace would already be ours.  It isn't, because a route to 'unity' simply does not exist by way of the information gathering techniques currently in use.  

This is because all conclusions arrived at by our current approach, necessarily validate opposing positions in the process of becoming relevant.  This symbiosis occurs because of a foundational limitation within our thought process itself.  And, without understanding its import, and utilizing it constructively, this limitation is destined to continue to destabilize all attempts to acheive the desired objective..  

The only way to overcome this problem is switching to the consideration of interdependency within the field of question as opposed to the divergent conclusions that these questions solicit.  This alone allows for the demonstration of a commonality of intention between opposing difference; something that is essential for convincing potential combatants to come together and work together for the sake of creating a mutually viable approach  to peace.  The only thing that can now ensure human survival. Anything less than active participation in a common cause that is fundamental to all difference simply will not work. 

Over the years, man has created many global institutions for the purpose of advancing world peace; but unfortunately, no one has ever come up with the much needed prescription by which to achieve that stated goal.  To date, the Eden project is the only global peace initiative that is capable of doing so.  It achieves this status by employing a "universal format for making relevant inquiry into critical issues" at its very core.  This is an extremely important difference that should not be underestimated, since it alone provides for a mutually acceptable global objective that is actually obtainable.  

The attempt to achieve a consensus by any other means necessarily promotes dichotomy while advancing specificity.  This in turn reinforces the importance of difference as opposed to sameness.  By switching focus, the Eden project provides a realistic way to qualify and thereafter demonstrate mutual intent between fundamental difference.  As such, it contains the only universally acceptable approach to problem solving that is capable of providing temporal stability in an ever changing world.  This in turn is fundamental to the reconstitution of hope, something without which mankind can no longer survive without.

This project is the direct result of the applicability of the discovery of 'certainty' to global situation.  Since 'certainty' dictates the basic form that knowledge must take in order to assume to relevance for us, it cannot help but advance the cause of world stability when applied to global situation.  If you  haven't already done so, consider what qualified authority has to say about this project.

For all of the above reasons, the Eden project is unique and definitely warrants your immediate and serious attention. Emerging from its conceptual stage it also needs all forms of assistance.  This includes exceptional people, meaningful group affiliations, and a tangible (non-polarized) route to funding.  If you can helps -- Contact us.

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