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(Dedicated to my Parents)

This website contains two very different yet inherently linked offerings.  One is theoretical and distinguished by the qualification of Certainty.  The other is practical and defines the role of this absolute in the further unfolding of human understanding.  Together, they provide the foundation for a Global Stabilization Initiative -- one that is both intellectually sure and realistically achievable.  It is called the Eden Project

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his offering will begin with a consideration of the Eden project and progress to an explanation of its theoretical grounding.  Included will be a look at this project's promise as well as the methodology by which it will achieve its stated goals.  With significant international support for its methodology now in place, it is time to secure the financial commitment required to make this project a reality.  To that end, I am appealing to all sectors of the global community.

Because of the continuing deterioration in global dynamics, it is absolutely crucial that we do not allow ourselves to be further deceived by the overt claims of militancy.  Force of arms never was, nor will it ever be capable of controlling the willingness of the hopeless to sacrifice their lives for what they believe.  Hence, divisiveness and the "terrorism" that military imposition breeds is destined to increase if things don't change.  Only education stands any chance of neutralizing them both.  And, it holds this promise through its ability to progress the rational side of human nature and the unity of purpose it structurally necessitates. 

In the past, man had just cause to believe that there was sufficient time to progress the human equation towards more idealistic imaginings.  However, that has now changed.  In its place, we must now work to ensure that there is sufficient "time" left for education to work its magic in order to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction -- something that will surely push civilization into chaos and towards its ultimate demise.  At present, given the growing instability in the World, the eventual outcome remains questionable.

There is no doubt that we can continue to slap band-aids on growing problems with varying degrees of success.  And, in addition to causing us to feel good, this activity provides immediate benefits to many who are in real need.  But, only a globally acceptable initiative, founded upon unbiased education, can foster the type of cooperation needed to resolve the larger issues -- and thus avert the impending chaos that is now on the horizon.  Among intellectuals, this conclusion has never been at issue.  The problem has always been how to sculpt the approach.  Thankfully, providence and exceptional need have once more converged to provide a solution to what was previously an irresolvable problem.  It comes in the form of the Eden project, the world's first and only global peace initiative with any real chance for achieving what is truly needed -- multicultural convergence.


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