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As "antagonism" intensifies, around the continuing increase in the number and severity of "critical" issues, it has provoked a transition in identity from Nation States to that of smaller groups — many of which are now resorting to "violence" as a means to highlight need. (See critical issues at: Existing "power structures" share a common opinion with regard to all demands for change. They don't like change, unless it's on their terms. Hence, they have banded together to label all "active" forms of discontent "terrorism." This has resulted in a climate of fear that allows them to cover their inadequacies by suppressing valid concerns. Due to this, pockets of discontent are springing up everywhere around the World, making it impossible to predict and control new activity. At the same time, this attempt to suppress discontent is limiting the personal freedom of the uninvolved and taxing economies to their breaking point.

Since conflict resolution is grounded in Nation State relationships, and not small groups, we have no prior game plan by which to deal with this growing threat. As a result, chaos is on the increase. To contain it, two things are necessary. First, it's essential that we understand the underlying cause for why polarity exists; for, without that insight, conflict can't be defused. This blog is dedicated to that issue. Second, we need to identify a tangible working solution to which EVERYONE can contribute, rich and poor alike. And, it must lend itself to implementation in "real" time. We need a "new" platform for the multilateral consideration of problems and their resolution, because what we now have doesn't work. The Eden project holds a viable answer to this need (see: And, endorsement for it is already significant (see: What remains missing is the commitment (by those who are capable of making the needed difference) to become engaged in doing so, NOW. If they don't, "nobody" will escape this time around. For, it's not going to matter how rich or influential one is IF we can't get a handle on this situation IMMEDIATELY.

In attempting to understand the inherent cause for division within thought, it's important to begin with a point upon which ALL can agree. One thing that is inarguable (self evident) is that the "thought process," by which we come to know that we are, constrains everything about which we are able to think. What is not self evident is that its use comes with price. That's because our potential and its potential are different. We're temporally limited, whereas it is not. This disparity causes all of our ideas to be dichotomous — or, relative to two opposing determinates. As a result of this, a problem occurs whenever idea gets pushed beyond our relative limits. When that happens, indecision quickly gives way to insecurity, which generates emotion that instigates conflict. In a high tech environment this cocktail is potentially terminal. To survive, we must reign in our predisposition to quantify thought. If we can't, there's little hope that we'll survive the complexity that results.

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