A Tangible Hope
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  Weapons of human annihilation exist. That is our current reality. This makes controlling them essential. At the same time, growing complexity and the indecisiveness it promotes is co-opting that control. In spite of the eventuality this portends, there is still room for hope. That's because this threat to human survival is of "universal" proportion, thus making it singularly unique. As such, it constitutes the 1st credible cause for "universal" cooperation around which ALL divergent position can finally coalesce. Short of an alien invasion, no other objective holds this promise by way of necessity. In spite of the promise in evidence, the question still remains. What can be realistically done to turn our impending fate around?  


  It only serves to reason that sufficient education must precede any and all attempts at sculpting a solution capable of ensuring human survival. However, because of the magnitude of this objective, a credible foundation capable of demonstrating "international neutrality" needs to be established first.
  Since the "uniting of nations" has now lost viability, the sole remaining option is to convey responsibility directly into the hands of the people that make up this World. This can be done by offering them a way to contribute to the identification of those "questions" whose answers can best resolve the "critical issues" already entrusted to the international community. Why seek questions as opposed to answers? Because they constitute the least confrontative aspect of human knowing around which "cooperation" can coalesce. And, 'cooperation' is the Holy Grail of conflict resolution.  

Once this approach gains acceptance, it can then serve as a stepping stone to address the greater problem -- the terminal threat that the unconstrained movement of linear thought poses to human survival. The underlying goal of both efforts is to provide the means to create a "unity of intent" around a singularity of objective that is relevant and yet non-threatening to ALL, in order to improve trust between peoples. It is this 'trust' that is essential to both the sculpting and implementation of any viable solutions that might come from these efforts.

In short, we need to find a way to slow down linearity's continued progression toward the 'incomprehensible complexity' by which its potential to eradicate us becomes a reality. And, to do that, we need to face the fact that besides the  approach laid out on www.edenorg.com there are NO other offerings capable of making the needed difference. None! Nada! So don't be deceived into believing that any exist.  Or, that so called "experts" somewhere in some "elite" grouping are engaged in formulating or implementing one. And, that includes the high visibility suspects like the UN, the Bilderburgers, the Club of Rome, the Tri-lateral Commission, the FED, the BRIC, the IMF, the WTO, the World Bank or the endless "think tanks" from which they draw counsel.

It also includes "aliens" in whatever form they may or may not exist, as well as all those who have come to believe that "collective agreement," within the field of idea alone, is all that is required to magically bring about needed change -- regardless of how complex the problem might be. There is little doubt that sharing in the imagining of one's desired reality makes one feel better, but it's ridiculous to believe that this can actually change what can't be understood.

Due to the temporal limits of our knowing, we lack the ability to understand how to unify the ever expanding field of complexity that exceeds us. That only leaves Deity with Its inherent transcendence that is able to affect the resolve we need. And unfortunately, Its attention appears to be focused elsewhere at the moment, thus leaving us to our own devices.

So, here is what we actually know as opposed to all the speculation currently in circulation: No process dependent individual or group of individuals has any superior insight into how to use MORE process to resolve our current problem. And, the reason is blatantly clear!

  A means to continuance cannot come from advancing a medium that is inherently destructive to its own function.  

Hence, the only option open to us is to use linearity to impede its own unfolding. Since the problem we face is universal in scope, so too must be the approach.  And, that's exactly what the Eden Project offers -- a non confrontative (yet universal) approach to increasing human awareness as it relates to human survival.

I realize that "global" anything scares the pants off of everyone who gains their sense of security by specifically defining their difference. And, with regard to economically influenced political schemes by which to force a "one world government," that fear is more than well placed. But, like it or not, technology has progressed us past the point where difference can survive its use. Hence, we need a workable game plan that can overcome this problem.

Due to the immediacy of our situation, we can't afford to get caught up in meaningless intellectual arguments over specificity that have NO bearing on resolving the threat that linearity poses to us. For, it is now clear that weapons of human annihilation exist along with an ever growing field of complexity that is inherently prohibitive to their containment. Together, they constitute a finality in waiting for us. Since the unconstrained use of our 'thought process' is actively engaged in trying to make us the final casualty of its function, it's absolutely imperative that we find a way to contain it, before it's successful.

The first step towards achieving this much needed goal can be found on the Eden Institute's website. International "lip service" legitimizing this effort is already significant. Hence, the groundwork is already in place (see "Endorsements"). A workable route to implementation does not appear on this site. It does however exist! It has been purposely omitted to insure that this effort is not prematurely subverted by self absorbed ignorance. All necessary particulars for initiating contact can also be found on this site.

The only chance we have of getting out of this mess, that doesn't continue to grow the field of complexity that now threatens us, requires turning linearity upon itself. And, utilizing question provides the only way. At the very least, the Eden project will provide us with an interim focus that can buy much needed time in the search for an ultimate solution.

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