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Simple Analysis


or more than thirty years Iíve labored to try and understand how to moderate the "dynamics" responsible for the many critical issues that currently threaten human survival.  Success here is crucial, for without this insight we are not equipped to safely move into the 21st century.  

I say this because, during the last century alone the number of dead from politically contrived situations including war, genocide, tyranny and their aftermath -- numbers upwards of 250,000,000 people.  And, prior to the twentieth century the slaughter was similarly horrific.  

You would think that over the last 6000 years of recorded history mankind would have figured out a way to stop this senseless carnage.  But, obviously he hasn't, since it continues unabated.  Even as you read this, war wages on several continents threatening to draw mankind into an exchange of weapons of mass destruction that will cause the prior suffering (at least in numbers) to pale in comparison.  

In addition to this liability there are an endless number of other life threatening problems that already eclipse our problem solving capability.  Equally alarming, they continue to grow in both complexity and threat.  As such, they are just further unwanted antagonists to an already impossible situation.

Regardless of which side of what issue you find yourself on, one fact remains totally clear. Without the guidance that 'certainty' is able to provide, a universally compelling resolution to existing contest is not self-evident.  History confirms this.  With its guidance however, we might just stand a chance of surviving ourselves.  And, this is why the discovery of 'certainty' is so important.

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