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Bar-Ilan University

Founded: 1955. Despite the adversity of the 50s, Bar Ilan flourished after the Six Day War, became seasoned and established in the 70s and 80s, burgeoned with the mass immigration of the early 90s, and became Israelís fastest-growing and largest university at the turn of millennium.

It is comprised of 5 regional colleges across Israel at: Acre, Safed, Tzemah, Ariel, Ashkelon; 22 libraries with over 1,000,000 books; 38 academic departments; 54 research and study accords with global universities; 66 research centers; 1,650 academic faculty; and an operating budget of 135 million dollars (US);

Mission: Bar-Ilan University, Israel's largest academic community of students, scientists and staff (32,000 in total), seeks to produce students of moral and intellectual aptitude; students who adopt the highest standards of excellence in scientific and academic research; and students who bear a deep commitment to Jewish community.

The unique Bar-Ilan formula: blend tradition with modern technologies and scholarship, and teach the compelling ethics of Jewish heritage to all. The university's leading resources of Jewish knowledge create a special responsibility: to place the expertise of its researchers at the disposal of the global Jewish and academic communities. Indeed, Bar-Ilan U. stands at the vanguard of efforts to revitalize Jewish learning for the twenty-first century and to rebuild Jewish identity.

Bar-Ilan University: a peerless congregation of scientists and Jewish studies scholars toiling to synthesize the ancient and the modern, the sacred and the material, the spiritual and the scientific.

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